illustration is art



This is just a straight photo of textured reality, not a textural interpretation of reality. I’ve called it ‘Contemplation‘ because, a) I can just look and look at it, and, b) it makes me think of M C Escher’s Three Worlds, probably my most-liked of his works… this is the same situation as his lithograph… and that, in turn, made me think of Plato’s allegory where reality is shadows cast on a cave wall; so, of course, my contemplation of this physical (glass) interface between my internal and external environment, where the actual interface has shadows cast on it from things (monsters? omens?) I can’t see, and may never have seen… well, I guess you can get pretty deep contemplating the toilet window at 6:30AM a few days after the (southern hemisphere) Winter Solstice (:


One response

  1. For some reason it shouts “carapace” to me…which isn’t a bad thing, I do really like it!

    June 25, 2017 at 8:30 pm

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