illustration is art

Snarl WIP


I’ve started my next ‘Laura’ painting (:

This scene is about 2/3rds through the film. Laura has not spoken a word for the whole film, seemingly incapable/too feral to talk, all she’s done is scream and growl. Logan is dying, and Laura is having to help him more and more. The Mexican nurse who helped Laura and several other children escape the military experimentation facility she’d been ‘created’ in, is dead, the other children gone. Laura clings to a photo of those other kids, and the nurse, with their names on the back… all she wants to do is get to the co-ordinates where she believes the kids to be. Dying Logan thinks it’s all a hoax, and tells her he won’t take her there… Laura suddenly starts speaking (to Logan’s astonishment) in fluent Spanish, showing him where the place is on a map, he still says it’s a hoax, and he won’t take her there. She begins, furiously, to recite the names on the photo, faster and faster, in staccato Spanish, literally right in Logan’s face. She’s a gorgeous, furious, intense little (she’s just a kid, half the size of all the adults she has to face) driven beast, far more intelligent than her creators intended her to be, though every bit as lethal, and she’s just not capable of feeling fear. And she’s angry.


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