illustration is art

Snarl WIP 2


As you can see, I’ve been plodding along with this gorgeous little beasty… she has totally stolen my jaded old heart (: I couldn’t have written a cooler/smarter/more deadly little beast if I’d tried! Her zen-like fearless-ness/focus just slay me… all the more so because Dafne Keen is perfect in the role… sublimely perfect. I’d hoped to finish this series with a painting of Laura in full flight, claws out, blood everywhere… but that’s not to be. To get images to work from for these paintings, I have to pause the film on my computer (the iTunes films have protective intelligence that prevents screen captures) and photograph the paused image. All the fabulous/spectacular scenes of this little beast slaying bad guys are excellent, and she is excellent… too excellent, she is always moving, just like Creaturina, almost too fast to see, she’s always a lethal blur. I would especially have liked to illustrate the big, final fight scene… doomed Logan takes out most of the bad guys, having ordered Laura to stay behind him, but she runs right up his back, leaps over his head and slaughters a few herself! My kind of lethal little beasty!


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