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Wind Hammer Revisited


This is ‘Hammer of the Wind’, Hammer was the first ‘Elite’ Sprite character I developed, a few years ago. When I first came up with the concept (originally I was going to call them ‘Noble’ Sprite, but decided on ‘Elite’), Elite Sprite were not the statistically rare, natural evolutions from ‘Common’ Sprite that I have settled on, they were deliberately selected/bred, warrior Sprite, the absolute, zen-like elite of the Sprite race, bred to protect Common Sprite, and, by their protective nature, all Fae, from Trolls and Ogres, and, later, Humans.

Sprite do not carry weapons… Hammer does… here’s the story:

‘Hammer’s sword is an 11,000 year old Elven claymore, given to her as thanks/gratitude from an Elven king, whose daughter Hammer saved from 3 Trolls when she (Hammer) was just a 400 year old child. Hammer did this bare-handed, killing all the Trolls herself, except the last one, whom the Elven princess helped dispatch (there had actually been 4 Trolls, but Elves are pretty tough, too, and the princess had managed to kill one herself, before being overpowered by the other 3). Hammer sustained life-threatening injury; several broken bones, a punctured lung and severe concussion, but managed to stay conscious till the princess was safe.’

At the time, Hammer was called Wind Child, but, after the Elven princess explained to her father the way the young Sprite, who had already had 350 years training in un-armed combat, had struck the Trolls like a hammer on the wind, Hammer of the Wind became her name. This was 1000 years ago, making Hammer  a very young, Sprite teenager. Hammer also has wings, something else most Sprite do not have. Giving Hammer a sword was like giving an attack helicopter a tank. To top it off, she has Elven chain-mail, as well. The girl is formidable (:

Reposting this made me realise I had given one of my Sprite pointed ears before I did ‘Lover was Away’… I do so much stuff, I forget previous stuff…


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