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Placebo Gallery Update

It’s a while since I’ve updated Seri’s tireless acquisition efforts for Placebo Gallery…


… there’s lot’s of great new work, the fruits of her endless exploration of the fabulous art to be found amongst the, um… less fabulous art that abounds in Second Life…





… there’s this much again new work in the gallery, which has a whole new space to accomodate it, but I didn’t want to bore you (:


Something Beautiful 31



The magnificent Themysciran godslayer is finished… thanks to two days off work sick, giving me time to do hours and hours of crazed, RSI-inducing painting! I’m pretty pleased with this, and still not done with painting this fabulous character (:

Silent Lights


Seri recently visited a sim with a gorgeous aurora playing in it’s snowy sky (:

Godslayer WIP’s 1,2, & 3

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The fabulous Themysciran Princess continues to evolve (:

Godslayer WIP 2


One of my favourite scenes in the movie… Diana has just climbed the ladder into no-man’s land and is about to start her run at the German trenches. I adore all the meanings and symbolisms in this scene… she’s just cast off her disguise as a ‘normal’ woman, making her debut onto the stage of the ‘normal’ world of warring, idiot males… stunning the crap out of all the nearby, ‘normal’ males… she’s climbed into seemingly certain death… the scene as she climbs the ladder is a stunner, her rising into her true place… now she’s feeling the rightness of her decision, and beginning to bound into fabulous, gorgeous action… leaving all the ‘strong’ men floundering in her wake, and having to follow her as she clears the way. Love it to bits!

Something beautiful 30

Suzi Quatro was the rock-babe of my teenage years… I still adore her…

… Jeff Lynne is ELO… I have never stopped loving ELO…