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Something Beautiful 32


I Love Lara

Just finished playing Rise of the Tomb Raider for the third time since I got it when it first came out on fabulous PS4, about a year ago. Lara is, of course, my all-time favourite video game hero. Tomb Raider, the game, was always ahead of it’s time, and the games just get better and better. This one is probably the best, yet… it’s fabulous, as is Lara. The graphics are amazing… every shot in this video is taken from the game, and many are actual game-play, not just cut-scenes. To top it all off, the theme-song is by equally fabulous Karen O, and it is, of course, fabulous!

Bad Company


Seraphim recently met some strange people…


Seraphim just visited Mitsumi-Town. We don’t know what this place’s story is, or what it’s for, but it’s the most amazing build Seri and I have ever seen in Second Life…


… it’s huge, with incredible, crisp, clean detail…


… towering, elegant buildings…


… massive fly-overs…


…. and a vast underground, which was still being constructed, so we didn’t take any pictures…


… although Seri’s ‘Fraymwerk’ radar told us there were a few people around, including one of the creators, we only saw one other avatar when Seri teleported in, apart from that, the place looked empty… it was fabulous, like a deserted sci-fi city, it even has a sci-fi feel to the light setting, which we kept for the photo’s. There are no shops, or obvious dwellings… only commercial-looking spaces, which were all empty… there was a ‘Sony’ place… so we’re really unsure what it’s all about, but we hope to find out. We’ll definitely be going back there. Anyone know what it’s story is?


Seri and I went back for another explore, and we take it back… there are shops, at least one multi-level mall…


… only, they’re all empty. Each floor even has ‘female’…


… and ‘male’, toilets…


… this place is trippy, it’s like being on the set of ’28 Days Later’…


… the level, and quality of detail and variety in the architecture is mind-blowing…




Seri has added some gorgeous 1970’s sofa’s, and some 1920’s end-tables to the, already, very varied mix in Placebo Gallery. The end-tables are from ‘Noctis’, courtesy of her recent visit to New Babbage.

New Babbage Revisited


Seri has just been back to New Babbage, somewhere she’s not been in a while. It was as atmospheric and steam-punked as always.


Hello Dreamer