illustration is art


Seraphim just visited Mitsumi-Town. We don’t know what this place’s story is, or what it’s for, but it’s the most amazing build Seri and I have ever seen in Second Life…


… it’s huge, with incredible, crisp, clean detail…


… towering, elegant buildings…


… massive fly-overs…


…. and a vast underground, which was still being constructed, so we didn’t take any pictures…


… although Seri’s ‘Fraymwerk’ radar told us there were a few people around, including one of the creators, we only saw one other avatar when Seri teleported in, apart from that, the place looked empty… it was fabulous, like a deserted sci-fi city, it even has a sci-fi feel to the light setting, which we kept for the photo’s. There are no shops, or obvious dwellings… only commercial-looking spaces, which were all empty… there was a ‘Sony’ place… so we’re really unsure what it’s all about, but we hope to find out. We’ll definitely be going back there. Anyone know what it’s story is?


Seri and I went back for another explore, and we take it back… there are shops, at least one multi-level mall…


… only, they’re all empty. Each floor even has ‘female’…


… and ‘male’, toilets…


… this place is trippy, it’s like being on the set of ’28 Days Later’…


… the level, and quality of detail and variety in the architecture is mind-blowing…



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