illustration is art

Framed 2


Just put the finishing touches to my 3rd and 4th, home-made picture frames. I framed one of my more recent, landscape works, and an older, portrait… exquisite Flowerbomb. As I said here ,I previously made my first two ever frames, giving one to a friend (with one of my works in it) and putting adorable Tanyabat in the other, the first one I made for myself… I had a third SuicideGirl portrait printed when I had Flower and Tanya printed, and will frame that next.

I’m loving this new hobby/skill, and all the new stuff I need to know to do it, like I already know to ask for 2mm, Matobel glass, instead of asking for ‘non-reflective’ glass. I now know where to get the glass, and where to get the best backing material. It’s all great fun. I need to learn how to photograph them better, though… they are extremely hard to photograph, due to light reflection, and parallax error. Still, all jolly rewarding and fun (:


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