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And so…


Seri and I have wanted one of these signs for ages… and, suddenly, we have two!


Beanbag Pinup Babe


A while ago, Seraphim won a ‘rare’ gatcha gazebo, which came with a chair, a mat, and a beanbag, each with sit poses. Although she liked it, and set it up in her garden, she only just got round to trying the beanbag sits. They are fabulous, with excellent adjustment parameters…


… Seri is now a sultry beanbag pinup babe…


… (:

Maria McKee Acrylic Painting WIP 4


Layer by layer (:

… do have to say, it is very hard to photograph physical paintings, and the actual painting looks way better than this, far richer, the tone more nuanced.



Seraphim fell asleep, reading her vintage scifi comics (:

Just Because…


… just because I love Seri (:

Aloy So Far…


I have lost momentum with Aloy, and may never finish her. This is as far as I got with her. I’m pretty happy with her as she is, I’ve certainly captured her awesome, indomitable, warrior persona (:

All my creativity is going into Maria at the moment, on whom I have done 6 hours work, so far. Because she is my first physical painting in four years, I keep forgetting to clean my palette/brushes! I also tend not to push things as far as I should while the paint is still wet… something easily fixed digitally, painfully not easily fixed physically! The biggest difference between digital & physical painting is not about the actual paint/surface, which are remarkably similar, but it is this: you need to be brave when painting physically, you need to commit yourself, not play it safe, otherwise you don’t get the results you want, and you often get results you didn’t want!

Snapshot to Art


Just as I take constant photo’s of Seri, Seri is always taking photo’s of beautiful female avatars she sees. She tries to do this covertly, but, sometimes, her AO does this irritating thing that makes it obvious she is taking pictures. This happened when she was taking pictures of Kredstone, the above, gorgeous avatar. She IM’d Seri, asking if she was taking pictures of her (this was in a fairly crowded shopping event), and at the same time, she teleported away. Seri, being Seri, very honestly said she was, and she couldn’t help it, because she thought Kredstone¬†was gorgeous (: They had a delightful conversation, during which Seri sent Kredstone one of the snaps she’d taken, Kredstone liked it, and asked (having read Seri’s profile) if the snap might wind up at the Bench Art Park. Seri replied ‘Possibly, but I’d change the background, first’ Kredstone thought that would be cool, so Seri asked me to change the ‘snapshot’ into ‘art’, which I gladly did. Seri sent the result to Kredstone, whose first reply was OMG! (: