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Lover Was Away…


‘The Sprite, deep in concentration, didn’t need to say anything to her lover; her lover was, just as instantly, away on the trail of the Humans.’ (the whole short story)

Finished my fabulous Sprite warrior,  relentlessly hunting down the bad humans for nine days through the dark forest and out into the human wastes, where her magic isn’t so strong… but she still is!



This is something I did a few years ago, I called it ‘Little Lost Lamb’ (: I’ve called this post ‘Testing’ because it looks like, for whatever reason, my last few posts, though visible to me, on my blog, are not appearing in the general community… so I’m going to post this then go straight to the tags I’ve posted it under, to see if it is there…

… how interesting; it was there. Yet, my last few posts are not. I did tell the ‘awesomeness team’ (or whatever-the-hell they call themselves (the WordPress Help desk)) about this when I realised I couldn’t find my last few posts under their tags, so perhaps they fixed it? Strange.

She Tracked Them for Nine Days WIP3


Nearly finished my lethal champion of little wood-Elves (:

Something Beautiful 17

Roger Waters is an astonishing, towering genius… the first song here, ‘When the Tigers Broke Free’, refers, not to four legged tigers, but to German Tiger heavy tanks, which were, initially, virtually unstoppable horror weapons…

Something Beautiful 16

Adore Natalie Merchant (: She has a gorgeous, powerful voice, she writes heart-wrenchingly beautiful, intelligent, though often sad, songs, and she is one of the sexiest dancers I have ever seen (:

… she also, obviously, has a very strong personality… I saw her once, on a TED special, where she started singing, and the audience got all excited, and started clapping along, and Natalie stopped singing, and yelled words to the effect of ‘hey, dorks, you are geeks, I’m a singer, please stop your out-of-time clapping and let me sing!’ The audience was suitably cowed (:

She Tracked Them for Nine Days WIP2


I’ve actually never given one of my lethal Sprite warrior-cuties pointed ears, before, but, hell, it just looks right, doesn’t it (:

She Tracked Them For Nine Days WIP

I might try to illustrate my whole ‘Tale of a Little Wood-Elf’. This is my sketch for the first image I want to do, this is the fabulous, scary, tough-as-nails Elite Sprite, racing through the dark forest, homing in on the rapist, murdering scum who did such bad stuff to the little Wood-Elf. Boy, is she gunna make them pay