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Alice; Creaturina’s Girl


Finished (:

Creaturina’s Girl WIP 5


Alice continues to progress. Even though I am trying for a slightly looser style, this work is still taking a long time. While my hand recovers from it’s recent injury, I simply cannot spend hours at a stretch painting, which is a drag, but it’s also good for me to keep trying, as constant exercise is what my hand requires to improve. I have to establish a balance of pushing through the pain barrier, and not being stupid and giving myself RSI on top of arthritis.

Creaturina’s Girl WIP 4


My latest Alice continues to look awesome (:

Creaturina’s Girl WIP 3


My girls have amazing hair, because I love painting amazing hair. I think hair is one of the most important elements of portrait painting. If you look at the difference between this WIP, and the previous one, you’ll see how much more dramatic this one is, with only a small amount of work on her hair (:

Creaturina’s Girl WIP 2


My gorgeous, lethal, golden-eyed sweety continues to take shape (:

Creaturina’s Girl WIP


This is what I’m currently enjoying working on… if you don’t know her, this is Creaturina’s tough-as-nails, human sweetheart, Alice. Creaturina is tough because she’s a virtually indestructible, immortal alien; Alice is tough because she’s just plain tough, physically and mentally, defeat/weakness has never been an option for this fearsome warrior girl. If you don’t know about her scars, check this out (:


Alice’s Sweetheart


Here’s the scene:


You are a gutless coward, part of a rabble of similar, gutless creeps, brave in the knowledge of numbers, warm with cheap wine, there must be hundreds of you, and you are well armed.


You are on your way to rape and kill that dirty, foreign slut, Alice… she recently killed several of your friends who thought she would be an easy rape because she’s just a slight girl. So, you and your army of morons are going to give her what she deserves, then you’re going to enjoy killing her slowly, listening to her beg and cry.


You are walking through the dark, mist swathed fields outside the castle Alice lives in, the ancient castle that Countess Creaturina built a thousand years ago. The Countess is now a blood-soaked legend, dead and gone for nearly a millennia, and, surely, all those legends were just that, legends… how could any of them be true? Still, neither you, nor any of your new friends, have ever, in your lives, had the courage to come this near the castle, before.


Out of the darkness, a gorgeous, lithe apparition blurs to an instant, motionless stop only meters from you and the torches of your mob. She appears and stops, so fast, all your blazing torches gutter in the breeze of her arrival, and some flicker out. She exudes an aura of appalling, fearless confidence. All your brave friends go suddenly silent.


She is lean, muscular, and easily taller than any of you. She appears and stops so fast, that her astonishing, white hair keeps moving, exploding around her in a spectacular, hissing susurrus. She stands perfectly motionless; her arms loose at her sides, her head tilted to one side as she watches you. She is totally relaxed, despite being only a single female facing over one hundred, drunken, armed morons. Her hair continues to whip about her, seeming to have a life of it’s own.

You must be drunker than you thought, because her fingers appear to be talons. Her eyes are pools of liquid black, it’s impossible to tell where she is actually looking… everyone thinks she is looking straight at them… she is.


Your heart lurches as you realise… this, impossibly, is the Countess Creaturina, all those stories weren’t just legend, and you have made the stupidest mistake of your stupid, brutal, empty life, and now it’s over. Even as you turn to run, she springs toward you…