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Del Sys


I am always finding folders of stuff I did years ago, and going ‘wow, I really like that!’… this is something I did 6 years ago, and called ‘Delivery System‘… I just re-discovered it this morning. The face is acrylic paint on indian ink splatter/blob/stain on cartridge paper. The shapes are indian ink splatters scanned, then taken into glorious Photoshop CS5 and played with for hours. Love the result (:


Strange, Lonely Shore

Strange,Lonely shore

This is film and digital photos combined (:


I went through a ‘lomography’ phase a few years back… these are real polaroids (:

Patti Smith


I did this six years ago… it’s a scan of an acrylic paint (used as watercolour) painting on watercolour paper, of the goddess (punk poet laureate) of punk.

Maria McKee Acrylic Painting WIP 4


Layer by layer (:

… do have to say, it is very hard to photograph physical paintings, and the actual painting looks way better than this, far richer, the tone more nuanced.

Physical Painting Update 2


Maria progresses (:

Loving working with physical paint/brushes/canvas again, after a four year break. Strangely, it feels like I’ve not even been away… everyone I have ever talked to about the fact I do digital painting (everyone who has never done it) thinks that digital painting in Photoshop is some kind of trick/gimmick, where the software does everything for you, these are the same people who think Photoshop ‘magically’ does everything it does; they do not understand that painting in Photoshop is almost exactly like doing physical painting, especially when you use a Wacom and stylus, as I do. You still have to physically, by the use of your stylus on the tablet, blend the paint, even if it is digital paint, the reason Photoshop is so damned expensive is because it is amazing! Your hand gets tired, just like doing a real painting, only it’s more your arm that gets tired doing physical painting. Anyway, I think thats why I am not the least bit rusty, now. The only rusty aspect was my forgetting to clean my gear after my first few sessions… you don’t have to clean a stylus!

Both these photos are crap, but, you get the picture (:

A Brief Introduction to Creaturina

Some of my most regular, recent followers, know nothing of my first-born baby, Creaturina, or of my second-born, Alice. One, in particular, recently said she would read Creaturina’s story ‘when she had time’, but, I know, like everyone else, she will never ‘have time’, so, it’s up to me to force my incredible girl down her throat… Meri, I know you will love Creatuie, she is totally your kind of girl! So, read this … it’s my Honours thesis precis, and, if you read nothing else of Creatuies story, will tell you who she is, what she does, how she does it, and place her in time. Believe me, there has never been anyone like my girl, and, yes, I genuinely love her… I know she’s out there, and I love her.

Creatuie has evolved hugely since I first developed her as part of an illustration assignment in 2011 (I had to create a ‘creature’, I did this acrylic painting… got an A+)…


…here she is in 2014, a digital painting/drawing…


… here she is, now…


… Creaturina is my baby, I have invested a huge amount of love into her creation, and she continues to evolve. She is the coolest, toughest, most enigmatic woman ever to walk the Earth… she’s not human, yet, somehow, she’s more human than any of us, and we really, really need her.

I did an illustrated Creaturina book (made it, bound it, etc, myself) for my end-of-degree project, as well as an exhibition of Creatuie paintings (real, physical ones)… I got an A+ for it, as I did for almost all my illustration work ( I got a few A’s)… one of the criticism’s the book/story got from the judges, was that Creatuie had an impossible story arc, because she was indestructible, hence, no story arc. They were, of course, right. So, I introduced Alice to the mix… I’ll do a ‘brief Alice Intro’ next (:

Oh, and if you are still reading this, here’s another Creatuie story (: