illustration is art


Baby C


This morning, around 6:30am, I noticed how nice the light falling on my beautiful baby Creaturina looked, and took several photo’s… this is the best one. I did this in 2012, it’s acrylic on canvas. It is my beloved Creaturina as a baby, still being nurtured by her mother, the insane planet Nightmare. She looks so peaceful, dreaming her sweet little, embryonic Creaturina dreams (:


Del Sys


I am always finding folders of stuff I did years ago, and going ‘wow, I really like that!’… this is something I did 6 years ago, and called ‘Delivery System‘… I just re-discovered it this morning. The face is acrylic paint on indian ink splatter/blob/stain on cartridge paper. The shapes are indian ink splatters scanned, then taken into glorious Photoshop CS5 and played with for hours. Love the result (:

Strange, Lonely Shore

Strange,Lonely shore

This is film and digital photos combined (:

Physical Painting Update 3


Maria continues to develop… this is about 5 hours of work from the start. This (the one on the right) is the first time I’ve bothered to take the canvas somewhere I can get a decent photo of it, hence the constantly changing values of these updates, but this one is what the colour actually is. The way I paint black & white is very slow… I seldom mix the paint, even on the canvas, I apply ever thinner layers of black and white, probably, eventually, only microns thick… so thin I can accidentally wipe it off if I apply the next layer too soon. This technique gives me shades of black & white you don’t get when you blend it… I guess it’s sharper/more monochrome. You can see, on her jacket, and on her nose, I’ve actually blended the black & white and have grey, but, on most of her face, I have not, and there is no ‘grey’, as such… don’t know why I blended the colours, rusty, I guess, because, now, it’s going to take ages to get them looking consistent with the non-blended stuff. Still, loving doing this, and she is definitely getting there (:

Proximity Alert


I did this based on a dream I had the other night, after I saw this .

I have seen many big planes in surreal proximity to the ground, and it always has a powerfully visceral affect on me. I also always have strong emotional reactions when I see film clips of these horrendous tragedies where it is obvious the pilots are trying everything they can to minimise collateral damage in those last, split seconds that¬†they must know they probably won’t survive themselves. Neither of those TransAsia pilots survived, and most of the passengers didn’t, either, but some did, and, had they not done such an incredible job of not hitting any buildings, and even only clipping the taxi on the bridge, many more people could have died.

The plane in my dream was a Hercules, not a turboprop ATR 72-600, and the one in my dream was actually incidental to the main dream, but obviously my subconcious self was strongly affected by that video clip. The one in my dream simply banked incredibly low over the main event and was gone.


The Promised Future