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bad alice

Alice; Creaturina’s Girl


Finished (:

Creaturina’s Girl WIP 5


Alice continues to progress. Even though I am trying for a slightly looser style, this work is still taking a long time. While my hand recovers from it’s recent injury, I simply cannot spend hours at a stretch painting, which is a drag, but it’s also good for me to keep trying, as constant exercise is what my hand requires to improve. I have to establish a balance of pushing through the pain barrier, and not being stupid and giving myself RSI on top of arthritis.

Creaturina’s Girl WIP 2


My gorgeous, lethal, golden-eyed sweety continues to take shape (:

Creaturina’s Girl WIP


This is what I’m currently enjoying working on… if you don’t know her, this is Creaturina’s tough-as-nails, human sweetheart, Alice. Creaturina is tough because she’s a virtually indestructible, immortal alien; Alice is tough because she’s just plain tough, physically and mentally, defeat/weakness has never been an option for this fearsome warrior girl. If you don’t know about her scars, check this out (:


Once upon a Time…


Once upon a time, there were two beautiful girls, Creaturina and Alice. These girls were born thousands of years apart. Not only were they born at opposite ends of the universe, they weren’t even born in the same universes. One was the daughter of the only sentient, though insane, planet ever to occur, in any universe, and the other was the daughter of incestuous British aristocracy, and, as a result of her genetic heritage, a cold, murderous psychopath. That these two, amazing creatures would meet, is one of the many astonishing truths of reality, that they would instantly love each other, and that their love would change the reality of the universe for ever, is now history. You just don’t know it yet.

Practice Layout


Practice page layout for Miho and the Immortals (:

Ponytailed Pittbull


When it comes to dealing damage, Alice and Creaturina have entirely different skill sets.

Creaturina was born a predator, she has claws and teeth designed for ripping and tearing. This fact, coupled with her astonishing strength and speed, make technique a minor detail that has no bearing on her ability to lay waste to multiple opponents in seconds. Alice was born a psychopath, the colour of her particular psychopathy serving to make her a cold-blooded killer from a very young age. Though totally fearless, she was still only a slight girl, and had to learn to fight. This she did almost as soon as she could walk, and worked at constantly all her young life. She learned every form of fighting that her parents money could gain her access to, from boxing and fencing, to karate and savate, as well as kendo, archery and all types of marksmanship. If she wasn’t learning formally, she was practicing informally, by, among other pastimes, cage fighting, simple brawling, and shooting her ‘friends’.

This all changed, of course, after Creaturina saved her life by infusing Alice with her, Creaturina’s, own, amazing, alien blood. Creatuies blood not only healed Alice, it made her immortal,  and it instantly healed her psychopathy.