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A brief Introduction to Alice


This is my fabulous Alice… she is Creaturina’s sweetheart (:

As I explained in A Brief Introduction to Creaturina, I was told my Creaturina story had no story arc, because Creaturina was indestructible/had no weakness. To give Creatuie a story arc, I introduced Alice, whom Creatuie loves as only Creatuie, who does everything with implacable totality, can love. Please note the scars on Alice’s midriff, these are how she met Creatuie.

I originally developed my Alice as part of an illustration assignment, where I had to create a book cover, for which I chose Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland…

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

… she was my first digital painting, done using a mouse. I really liked her, and developed her further, and lots darker. In the next painting, you’ll see she has not only beheaded the White Rabbit, she’s stolen his watch, and is using his scalp for a hat… this was my first PsychoAlice/BadAlice

Bad Alice

… PshychoAlice developed into Lady Alice…

Not A Lady

… the child of incestuous British aristocracy, a stone killer, a brutal psychopath who, by seventeen, had mastered all known fighting arts, and entertained herself by, as well as shooting her schoolfriends, going to the seediest seamen’s bars, and beating all the hapless seamen to death, she was also into cage fighting, at which she was, of course, undefeated. When she turned eighteen, Alice set out to travel late nineteenth century Europe. Just outside Lithuania, her luck ran out. This was, however, a good thing.

Alice and Creatuie have now been together for over 100 years, they are inseparable, and love each other more as time goes by. Alice bares her scars with fierce pride, because they are how she met her fabulous, fearsome warrior partner. Alice is not indestructible, Creaturina’s love for her is Creatuie’s weakness because Creaturina is not indestructible, either, but no-one knows that… yet.


A Brief Introduction to Creaturina

Some of my most regular, recent followers, know nothing of my first-born baby, Creaturina, or of my second-born, Alice. One, in particular, recently said she would read Creaturina’s story ‘when she had time’, but, I know, like everyone else, she will never ‘have time’, so, it’s up to me to force my incredible girl down her throat… Meri, I know you will love Creatuie, she is totally your kind of girl! So, read this … it’s my Honours thesis precis, and, if you read nothing else of Creatuies story, will tell you who she is, what she does, how she does it, and place her in time. Believe me, there has never been anyone like my girl, and, yes, I genuinely love her… I know she’s out there, and I love her.

Creatuie has evolved hugely since I first developed her as part of an illustration assignment in 2011 (I had to create a ‘creature’, I did this acrylic painting… got an A+)…


…here she is in 2014, a digital painting/drawing…


… here she is, now…


… Creaturina is my baby, I have invested a huge amount of love into her creation, and she continues to evolve. She is the coolest, toughest, most enigmatic woman ever to walk the Earth… she’s not human, yet, somehow, she’s more human than any of us, and we really, really need her.

I did an illustrated Creaturina book (made it, bound it, etc, myself) for my end-of-degree project, as well as an exhibition of Creatuie paintings (real, physical ones)… I got an A+ for it, as I did for almost all my illustration work ( I got a few A’s)… one of the criticism’s the book/story got from the judges, was that Creatuie had an impossible story arc, because she was indestructible, hence, no story arc. They were, of course, right. So, I introduced Alice to the mix… I’ll do a ‘brief Alice Intro’ next (:

Oh, and if you are still reading this, here’s another Creatuie story (:

Creaturina & Alice

Reich Robots

I know many of my current followers have never bothered to peruse my older work, so have no idea who Creaturina and Alice are. This is who they are (:

Physical Painting Update


Ok, so… lovely Maria is now sketched out on my canvas, which is 710mm x 560mm. I know the sketch doesn’t look much like my original painting, but that is always the way, I suck at drawing, but experience has taught me that I have got it right, and it will all work out. Most of my current followers have no idea of my physical painting skills (not talking about you, Pearl and Alli (: ), so I thought I’d show some of my physical paintings here…


… this is my last physical painting, my gorgeous, lethal Alice, whom I love to bits, she is Creaturina’s sweetheart, and a force of nature on her own, without the help of her fabulous Creatuie, who invented the concept ‘force of nature’.


These are Anne Francis, and two Marilyn’s … my intention here is to show that, despite my crap drawing skills, I get there in the end with my painting skills (:

Alice; Creaturina’s Girl


Finished (:

Wild Thing


Finally finished my beautiful wild thing (:

Wild Thing WIPS 3 & 4



So… when they first put my hand in a cast, it was a clunky plaster one, and I totally could not paint/draw. Ten days later, they took it off, to re-X-ray my hand, then they put an awesome fibreglass cast on, which is half the weight of the plaster one, and far more streamlined/elegant. The other day, I discovered I can, just barely, paint with it on… I have very little fine control, but I’ve been plugging away at finishing this picture of my baby. It is hard, irritating work, and it doesn’t take much of it to make my hand sore, but I really want to finish my lovely, scary girl, so I’ll keep trying (:

Rosie Thomas ‘When We Were Small’ is still very much at the top of my current play list… really beautiful stuff (: