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Framed 2


Just put the finishing touches to my 3rd and 4th, home-made picture frames. I framed one of my more recent, landscape works, and an older, portrait… exquisite Flowerbomb. As I said here ,I previously made my first two ever frames, giving one to a friend (with one of my works in it) and putting adorable Tanyabat in the other, the first one I made for myself… I had a third SuicideGirl portrait printed when I had Flower and Tanya printed, and will frame that next.

I’m loving this new hobby/skill, and all the new stuff I need to know to do it, like I already know to ask for 2mm, Matobel glass, instead of asking for ‘non-reflective’ glass. I now know where to get the glass, and where to get the best backing material. It’s all great fun. I need to learn how to photograph them better, though… they are extremely hard to photograph, due to light reflection, and parallax error. Still, all jolly rewarding and fun (:


3D Zoetrope

How fabulous is this?!…


For a while, now, I’ve intended to teach myself how to frame my art. I finally started doing just that, a week ago, week 1 of my 3 weeks of glorious leave from my horrendous, soul-destroying, 100% non-creative (as in, not a job for a sensitive, artistic creative), appallingly physical job (I’m 58 years old, this job physically ruins 30-year-olds) as a general hand at a pre-cast concrete plant.

As a test, I made an A4 sized frame for a print of one of my recent images a friend liked, and gave it to her for xmas, she’s going away, so I gave it to her today… she totally loved it… it came out really well, so I used everything I learned from that to create some A3 sized frames for some more of my work I had printed.

Below is super-cute Tanyabat, a Suicide Girl I did a painting of back in 2015 (…


… the frame is made from recycled rimu (a gorgeous New Zealand native hardwood ( flooring… I love the nail holes. Making the frames involved ripping the flooring in half (on the bench saw at work), using my gorgeous Bosch router to put a slot in the back to take the picture, my gorgeous Makita planer to de-arris the outside front edges, and my gorgeous Bosch, multiple-compound saw to cut the angles. There was then much sanding, then varnishing. I used non-reflective glass.

I’m super-pleased with the result, and already have enough pieces prepared to frame two more of my works (:

I Was Thinking



Accelerated Rate of Decay



The Emperor’s New Mask



Rate of Decay