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A Real Boy, Now… WIP


When I was 23, 35 years ago, I went to see one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, I’d waited years for it to come out, having read about it’s making, and seen lots of mouth-watering development sketches in Heavy Metal… that film was Blade Runner. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen it since. Two nights ago, I finally got my pre-ordered copy, from iTunes, of Blade Runner 2049, the fabulous, undreamed-of sequel. I have watched it twice, since then. It is probably the best sequel I’ve ever seen, considering the 35 year gap… it’s gorgeous. But I found it very, very sad… almost too sad. The saddest part, for me, was the demise of sweet, innocent Joi, the holographic AI girlfriend of ‘K’, the replicant blade runner… I was gutted by her total and irrevocable death at the hands of the psychopathic replicant Luv. I was moved to do a portrait of her (Ana de Armas). This is the scene where ‘K’ has become convinced he is the first replicant to be born from a replicant mother, and Joi is telling him he is a ‘real boy, now…’



Time Forgets



I Fell Too Far


Through the Looking Glass

In her recent travels, Seraphim discovered a gorgeous build called ‘The Looking Glass’… there she found a fabulous, derelict, partly flooded theatre…


… the architecture, lighting and textures made it feel very much like we were in a set from ‘Bioshock’, one of my all-time favourite games as far as gorgeous, rich, lovingly created sets go…


… this place even had the watery/damp ambience going, as well as the luminous fungi…


… the skill of SL builders never fails to astound me; can’t wait for virtual-presence tech that makes SL fully immersive (:

Postcard From SecondLife


There are some truly amazing places in SecondLife… I took this picture of Seraphim visiting one of them… I have done nothing to this photo, other than put my name on it (:


Somewhere in my Mind


I Was Thinking