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Godslayer WIP

Brave, young, naieve, idealistic Diana, thinks her sword is the Godslayer… she doesn’t, yet, realise… she is the Godslayer (:



No… but it’s what I came here to do


Finished! Awesome Diana of Themyscira, choosing to climb into no-mans land, against staggering odds, in order to save some people she’s never met (:

No… but it’s what I came here to do… WIP


My next Diana painting (: This is the scene where she is in the trenches, and decides she needs to cross no-mans land to rescue the villagers… she takes off her disguise, much to the astonishment of the beaten-down soldiers, and heads for the ladder that will take her into the action… and, also, into the best scene in the whole film… which I will paint next (:

Little Diana of Themyscira


Finished! Here is little Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman), on a horse with her mum, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (:

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 4 & 5

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 5_small

Almost done! As you can see, I did some more work on mum’s hair, and have done most of the job of finishing little-miss-adorable (: Still a few hours to go on her, and there’s still a bit to fix on mum, too, but we’re almost there. I’m very pleased with this, I don’t often do double portraits (:

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 3 & 4

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 4smallerMost of the work on her mum and the out-of-focus horse’s head is done… now to refine gorgeous little Diana (:

Padme at Bench Art Park


Seraphim was recently invited to place some more of my art at Bench Art Park. The curator, there, Pearl Grey, liked the 3 works of mine that Seri had placed last time, so much, she has left them up. Seri and I chose my portrait of fabulous Natalie Portman as ‘Padme’, and Seri placed it above my 3 works she’d previously had hung there. It looks great, there, though this photo doesn’t do it justice, so, here it is as I posted it, here, 18 months ago…


… she’s one of my favourite portrait paintings (: