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Tangental Reality


Seri found this, yesterday… we just love this stuff! This is a wordpress blogger, who blogs about Second Life, and she is advertising her blog on the side of a van in SL… that’s so damned cool! This appeals to the designer in me on so many levels. The feedback loop of virtual/cyber reality colliding with real-world interactivity/participation, here, is fabulous, and genuinely thought-provoking… not to mention excellent advertising skills, the goal of which I am only too happy to facilitate (:

The Indefatigable Seraphim P


The indefatigable miss S has been hard at work, still, again, seeking out excellent SL art for Placebo Gallery, and meeting cool people and having adventures… as well as a major style change for herself, in the form of fabulous new hair and an awesome (the best!) new Vista Bento AO, which has settings for shape, in Seri’s case, slim, which makes it by far the best AO she’s ever had… and it has a killer walk!


… her search took her, yet again, many, many interesting places, following ‘picks’ she gleaned from the profiles of artists she came across. As always, some were totally out of date, and didn’t even exist, such as a gallery in Kowloon…


… but Kowloon still provides gorgeous photographic material! Through all this, Seri acquired a glorious haul of new art for the gallery…


… and had a lovely conversation with one of the artists, which led her to other galleries, and other amazing art, including some of the best SL photography either of us have ever seen… images that could be stills from a David Lynch film…


… as well as other exquisite stuff…




Glower WIP 3


I’ve done a side-by-side of the previous and current WIP’s, because this painting is now down to very subtle tonal stuff. The image of ‘Laura’ (Dafne Keen) I chose to use for this painting is one that is all about tone/lighting. The difference between her looking gorgeous/angry/pouty, and her looking clunky/shitty and crap, is very, very subtle. In these two WIP’s, the biggest advance I have made is in and around her eyes… look closely, and you’ll see how very much more dramatic/real/gorgeous that difference is… and the eyes, and her scrunched-up brows, are really what make this incredibly adorable image (:

Glower WIP


This is my second ‘Laura’ homage.

In this scene, Laura is riding (probably for the first time in her horrific life) a coin-operated horse outside a convenience store, while Logan and Charles discuss her (Charles asks Logan if she reminds him of anyone…) in the car. The time is up, and the horse stops moving. First, Laura gives the payment device a couple of very un-little-girl-like swats, which cause the device, on it’s stem, to shake dramatically. When that doesn’t work, she suddenly sprouts her claws, and pulls her arm back to destroy the device… her arm is stopped mid-strike by something stronger, even, than her… Logan. He tells her ‘No!’… she glares at him… (:



Finished! I smashed this out, mostly today, a rainy, cold, autumn Queen’s Birthday 3-day weekend. Love it (:

Bad guys are sneaking up on a little girl… she knows…

Waiting WIP 2


… leaping into this! Love the brooding darkness, love the powerful/indomitable-girl stuff!

Waiting WIP


Here is my latest crush (: This is ‘Laura‘ (Dafne Keen), from the really, really good film, ‘Logan‘, which I judge to be the best X-Men movie of them all. I’m going to do several ‘Lauras‘, as I totally adore the character/actor. She is so much like a baby Creaturina! Dafne Keen has got the smouldering, barely contained, lethal rage thing down pat! And it just makes her more gorgeous (:

I have called this painting ‘Waiting’. In this scene, she is a hungry child, wolfing down food given her by Charles and Caliban (Logan is too distracted by his and Charle’s problems to even think about a child whose only skills he believes to be growling and throwing things… Charles, of course, knows better…), when the bad guys come calling. She goes on eating as the confrontation between Logan and the baddies plays out outside… eventually the badies send in several thugs to capture Laura. She stops eating, and waits, her distain and rage slowly building, as several heavily armed men strut into the room. Then… she kills them all. My kind of little girl (: