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End of the World





I’ve been playing around in Poser, trying to create a Creaturina-like model. As with the Alice-like model I created, I still have to do a complete make-over in Photoshop, especially with their faces, but the basic shape for Creatuie is not bad, not like Alice, whose face I have to completely re-create. I love this noble warrior queen I’ve created. These are just rough, but have heaps of potential. Creatuie will soon make an appearance in the little story I’ve been making, recently, which I’m calling Miho and the Immortals.


Cautionary Tales


Morphic Resonance Theory



Unlike Fractal Resonance Theory, Morphic Resonance Theory is real… see Rupert Sheldrake. The theory states, if I remember it correctly (it’s been 20 years since I read it in any depth) that we are human because of a human ‘template’ which resonates with electromagnetic/organo-creative waves which lay down ‘humans’, as apposed to frogs, who have their own template… something like that, go read about it!

This and ‘Fractal Resonance Theory’ were created listening to my current faves, Amberian Dawn, stunning Finnish operatic metal… love them to bits, can’t wait for Heidi Parviainen’s solo project, Dark Sarah to come out/be finished (:

Only As Sharp



I found this, too, when I found ‘Eyes’. Another Illustrator play from the same era. I own this gorgeous knife, and have done for 25 years, now (:



Those few of my 500+ ‘followers’ who actually do follow me, and are familiar with my work/style/medium, will know I only work in Photoshop, sometimes Coral Painter or real paint, but hardly ever in Illustrator. I did this 4 years ago, when i was attempting to teach myself Illustrator, which I find too clinical for my taste. Those 5 followers who actually know my work will be aware I am very critical of my own work… still, upon rediscovering this buried in one of my external drives, I find it hard to believe I wrote it off, at the time, as rubbish! Looking at it now, I really like it, and am glad I didn’t simply delete it, as I’ve often done with other work that was probably not as bad as I thought.

More Miss Moretz


I don’t believe it is possible to do too many paintings of the fabulous Chloe Grace Moretz. This girl is only 16! Imagine where she will be in 10 years time… hopefully she will be ruling the planet (: