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My Son’s Eye


… this is a photo I took of one of my son’s eye (as in, one of my sons)… eyes are fabulous things (:




This is just a straight photo of textured reality, not a textural interpretation of reality. I’ve called it ‘Contemplation‘ because, a) I can just look and look at it, and, b) it makes me think of M C Escher’s Three Worlds, probably my most-liked of his works… this is the same situation as his lithograph… and that, in turn, made me think of Plato’s allegory where reality is shadows cast on a cave wall; so, of course, my contemplation of this physical (glass) interface between my internal and external environment, where the actual interface has shadows cast on it from things (monsters? omens?) I can’t see, and may never have seen… well, I guess you can get pretty deep contemplating the toilet window at 6:30AM a few days after the (southern hemisphere) Winter Solstice (:

Virtual Worlds

Below is a short research paper I wrote on ‘Virtual Worlds‘, as part of a New Media research assignment, back in 2010. It is two jpg’s I made from the original PDF, so the links aren’t live, and there’s a big gap half way down, but it is, still, a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the subject…

virtual worldsvirtual worlds




The Lizard King WIP3


Almost got the eye-pouches looking repulsive enough… seriously, has America ever had a less attractive gang holding it by the throat?….


… the two creatures above look like vampires who can move in the daylight, beside themselves with delight at the feast that is laid before them…

The Lizard King WIP2


Lots more work to be done on the turkey wattles, slimy sneer, bulbous, pock-marked nose and porcine, slit-eyes, but I feel I’m capturing the creature, and it’s primordial, lizard intellect, fairly accurately (:

*edit* … I forgot: thick, rubbery ear/s and beefy, flaccid jowls (:


56th Year