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The Lizard King WIP3


Almost got the eye-pouches looking repulsive enough… seriously, has America ever had a less attractive gang holding it by the throat?….


… the two creatures above look like vampires who can move in the daylight, beside themselves with delight at the feast that is laid before them…

The Lizard King WIP2


Lots more work to be done on the turkey wattles, slimy sneer, bulbous, pock-marked nose and porcine, slit-eyes, but I feel I’m capturing the creature, and it’s primordial, lizard intellect, fairly accurately (:

*edit* … I forgot: thick, rubbery ear/s and beefy, flaccid jowls (:


56th Year





Proximity Alert


I did this based on a dream I had the other night, after I saw this .

I have seen many big planes in surreal proximity to the ground, and it always has a powerfully visceral affect on me. I also always have strong emotional reactions when I see film clips of these horrendous tragedies where it is obvious the pilots are trying everything they can to minimise collateral damage in those last, split seconds that they must know they probably won’t survive themselves. Neither of those TransAsia pilots survived, and most of the passengers didn’t, either, but some did, and, had they not done such an incredible job of not hitting any buildings, and even only clipping the taxi on the bridge, many more people could have died.

The plane in my dream was a Hercules, not a turboprop ATR 72-600, and the one in my dream was actually incidental to the main dream, but obviously my subconcious self was strongly affected by that video clip. The one in my dream simply banked incredibly low over the main event and was gone.

Further Down the Xmas Spiral


Love the dark view (:

For Pearl




Hey, Pearl, girl, this is for you! Thank you for inspiring my gorgeous girl to get out and brave the lag (:

Really love your work!