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Something Beautiful 32


I Love Lara

Just finished playing Rise of the Tomb Raider for the third time since I got it when it first came out on fabulous PS4, about a year ago. Lara is, of course, my all-time favourite video game hero. Tomb Raider, the game, was always ahead of it’s time, and the games just get better and better. This one is probably the best, yet… it’s fabulous, as is Lara. The graphics are amazing… every shot in this video is taken from the game, and many are actual game-play, not just cut-scenes. To top it all off, the theme-song is by equally fabulous Karen O, and it is, of course, fabulous!

Something Beautiful 31

Something beautiful 30

Suzi Quatro was the rock-babe of my teenage years… I still adore her…

… Jeff Lynne is ELO… I have never stopped loving ELO…


Something Beautiful 29

Warren Zevon was fabulous…

… Harry Nilsson was fabulous…

… both these guys were alcoholics, and it’s probably why they both died far too young ):

Something beautiful 28

Something Beautiful 27

Patti Smith is a goddess. Not only was she part of the soundtrack of my (suddenly distant) youth, she has always been part of the soundtrack of my life. Incredibly sexy, incredibly intelligent, with an¬†amazing voice, she deserves her crown as ‘The Punk Poet Queen’… believe, me, back in the day (and, still, today) there was/is¬†absolutely no-one like her!… she is in a league of her own, a towering genius, a musical goddess…

… I really have no words for how amazing Patti Smith is… there has never been, is no-one like her, she is one in billions, she is a goddess (: