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New Lykke Painting

After my last post, I decided I very much needed to do another painting of Lykke Li… there can never be enough paintings of Lykke Li. If you’ve not seen my previous paintings of her, they are here…

… the last one was three years ago, I am pleased to say my skill level is much higher, now, and the latest painting is the best of the three; it’s almost done, stay tuned (:


Something Beautiful 41

Boh Runga, like her sister Bic, is one of New Zealand’s more fabulous songbirds…

…this is the best music video I have ever seen… 100% minimalist; all we see is gorgeous Lykke Li singing her gorgeous, sad stuff… I could stare into those eyes for ever…

Something Beautiful 40-Christmas Special!

… Julie Christmas!…


Cosmic Moth


Something Beautiful 39

FABULOUS, fabulous Audra Mae!…

… this song always makes me cry…

… I adore this woman!



Accelerated Rate of Decay


Something Beautiful 37

Maria makes me cry (: