illustration is art




Seraphim fell asleep, reading her vintage scifi comics (:

Just Because…


… just because I love Seri (:

Snapshot to Art


Just as I take constant photo’s of Seri, Seri is always taking photo’s of beautiful female avatars she sees. She tries to do this covertly, but, sometimes, her AO does this irritating thing that makes it obvious she is taking pictures. This happened when she was taking pictures of Kredstone, the above, gorgeous avatar. She IM’d Seri, asking if she was taking pictures of her (this was in a fairly crowded shopping event), and at the same time, she teleported away. Seri, being Seri, very honestly said she was, and she couldn’t help it, because she thought Kredstone¬†was gorgeous (: They had a delightful conversation, during which Seri sent Kredstone one of the snaps she’d taken, Kredstone liked it, and asked (having read Seri’s profile) if the snap might wind up at the Bench Art Park. Seri replied ‘Possibly, but I’d change the background, first’ Kredstone thought that would be cool, so Seri asked me to change the ‘snapshot’ into ‘art’, which I gladly did. Seri sent the result to Kredstone, whose first reply was OMG! (:

More SL stuff…


I have often said this is not an SL blog… it is not, but it is often about SL (: I have a huge financial/emotional investment in SL, and would be gutted if, tomorrow, it was all taken away by Nigerian hackers/the Lindens. Lets hope that never happens. My darling Seraphim recently bought some art work, at the Raglan Shire Artwalk, for her gallery… two of those paintings were by IanLee Patton. Seri already had a painting by IanLee in her collection, which she must have had for a year or more, she loves his style… imagine Seri’s delight when, as a result of the Artwalk purchases, IanLee got in touch with her to tell her how to make some minor aspect-ratio adjustments to the two paintings she bought! Seri told him she already had one of his works, the one above, and he sent her an updated version of it! We love this kind of thing in SL… imagine buying a RL artwork, and having the creator send you a free, physical update of it! We love the cascading, trippy shit that SL makes possible!

My absolute, favourite thing in SL is… Seri! I love that girl. I have spent years developing her, and, to me, she is a person. She is my avatar, she is not me, she is Seraphim Placebo, and she’s a sweety (: I have taken thousands of photo’s of Seri. I love the cascading mirror possibilities of interacting with SL photography…


… I took this picture of Seri being cute, then uploaded it to SL, put it on the wall for my girl, then took this picture of her looking at it…


… I could upload this, then take a picture of Seri looking at that…. (:

Acquisition List 2


As I seldom say no to Seraphim, I let her go back to the Raglan Shire Artwalk and buy the more expensive works she wanted for the gallery…


… somehow, this buying trip also included a visit to¬†The Dark Style Fair, where Seri had her hair done, amongst other things…


… can’t say I mind, though (:

Acquisition List


Seraphim went to the Raglan Shire Artwalk for the first time, today. She presented me with a list of the great art she hopes to purchase for the gallery. Some were very reasonably priced, and the portrait on the right was free, which we thought was amazing, as it is one of the best SL portraits we’ve ever seen, it is by Sparkie Cyberstar Ingersoll, who has a fabulous name. I let Seri buy the more affordable ones, and we’ll have a think about when to get the more expensive ones.


Physical Painting Update 3


Maria continues to develop… this is about 5 hours of work from the start. This (the one on the right) is the first time I’ve bothered to take the canvas somewhere I can get a decent photo of it, hence the constantly changing values of these updates, but this one is what the colour actually is. The way I paint black & white is very slow… I seldom mix the paint, even on the canvas, I apply ever thinner layers of black and white, probably, eventually, only microns thick… so thin I can accidentally wipe it off if I apply the next layer too soon. This technique gives me shades of black & white you don’t get when you blend it… I guess it’s sharper/more monochrome. You can see, on her jacket, and on her nose, I’ve actually blended the black & white and have grey, but, on most of her face, I have not, and there is no ‘grey’, as such… don’t know why I blended the colours, rusty, I guess, because, now, it’s going to take ages to get them looking consistent with the non-blended stuff. Still, loving doing this, and she is definitely getting there (: