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Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 3


Little Diana and her fabulous mum, Hippolyta, are coming along nicely. I really love this scene… Hippolyta (who loves her little Diana to bits, as do all the Amazons) is confidently explaining to Diana why she doesn’t need to fear anything, and doesn’t need to learn to fight… Diana is looking knowingly at her aunt, Antiope, who is Hippolyta’s sister (as are all the Amazons), and her General, because she knows Antiope wants to start training her, which, of course, she does, secretly, for several years before Hippolyta finds out.


Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 2


A few hours work later… been loving working on this between morning (glorious Saturday) chores… have to go and do more chores, don’t want to leave this lovely, heart-warming painting, but look forward to getting back soon. This is, of course, gorgeous wee Diana, and her stunning mummy, the Queen of the Amazons… there are so many fabulous woman in this movie, I just love it to bits! The soundtrack for this painting has been the gorgeous album The Very Best of the Ronettes… glorious, chugging, soulful R&B/Rock & Roll (:

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP

Three days ago, I got my iTunes pre-order of Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman. I watched it, for the first time, that night. Those of you familiar with my tastes will not be surprised that I fucking love this movie! I adored Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman in Batman versus Superman… she was the best part of the film, and have been hanging out for Wonder Woman… I was not disappointed. It is a fabulous movie, on so many levels. There are so many scenes I want to paint! I’m starting with super-adorable wee-kid Diana, with her fabulous warrior-queen mum (:


… this wee Diana is so gorgeous, such a confident, knowing little sweety… but, then, she is Zeus’s daughter, even if she doesn’t know it, yet (:


Here’s a couple of paintings I did of Kate Beckinsale as Selene. I loved the first, third and fourth Underworld movies… have honestly lost count of how often I’ve watched the first one… sadly, the latest one was pretty mediocre. The second one was rubbish.VampireNoir

Dedicated Killer2

Arya WIP 3


Fabulous Arya is almost done. I adore this character… she’s not quite a woman, yet, but she has the wisdom of one, and is easily the equal of any woman in combat. I love this image of her, so proud and confident, every bit the noble that she is. What amazes me most about this image, is how much she looks like her mother! How could the casting people have possibly known that Maisie Williams would, years after she was cast as Arya, grow into a woman who resembles the woman who acted as her mother?


Arya WIP2




For several nights before the Sprite caught up with the bad humans, they were having scary dreams… in these dreams, something unstoppable, with burning eyes, was coming through the trees to devour them… she hadn’t caught them yet, but, even at that distance, she was in their heads (: