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Poses & Photo’s

Well… I’ve not been working on Aloy, because I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with Seraphim in SL… not that that is a bad thing (: We recently spent an insane amount of money (bad thing) at the Pose Fair… Seri now has a cool, gothic, out-door bath area attached to her house, which we acquired at the fair, the bath coming with great poses…


… speaking of which, we now have truck-loads of awesome poses…


… which, added to our recent discovery (we were aware of it, but had never played with it) of the ability to make the SL camera more like a real camera, we have been having a hell of a lot of fun…



best5 copy

… while I was composing this post, I was listening to James Newton Howard’s gorgeous soundtrack to Maleficent, and it was a fabulously perfect accompaniment to Seri and I’s photographic/pose adventures in SL (:

On The Roof




Just changed the settings on my SL camera to ones that resemble real camera dynamics/real physics… got Seri to stand still for some practise shots up on the roof of the gallery (:

Aloy WIP 4


Aloy progresses! I hope to finish her this Easter break (:

Angel Olsen


Very pleased with this (:

Angel Olsen WIP 2


Been thrashing Angel’s ‘My Woman‘ while I work on this… she reminds me of a less histrionic Julee Cruise, whom I loved back in the day, but find a bit cheesy today (:

Angel Olsen WIP

AOWIPI don’t normally… in fact, have never done… work on two paintings at once, but, I have been accumulating a backlog of babes i want to paint, and have decided to start doing two at once. This is the gorgeous, sublime, Angel Olsen¬†whom I totally, totally adore (:

Aloy WIP 3


Aloy continues to progress (: