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New Works at Placebo Gallery

Seraphim has hung more new acquisitions in the gallery…NewArt

NewArt2… the gallery has had slightly more attention than usual (usually it is none), even getting what Seri and I consider a good report here  Many thanks to Pearl for drawing my attention to this post, as the rather odd people who posted it did not tell me they had… one of them did ask permission, but in a strange, seemingly unhinged IM, which I had actually dismissed as the mutterings of someone not quite, well, balanced (even allowing for the obvious language barrier)… sorry, Ush  (:

More Works

naSeraphim continues her tireless accumulation of great SL artwork…na2… she has recently acquired several new works for her collection at Placebo Gallery…na3… she adores her collection (:

RoofLand Exhibition

Seraphim has just hung 7 images in Placebo Gallery, all images I’ve created up on RoofLand. Three are of the dead Mustang, and are called Sally, Sally 2 and Sally 3. The other four are called Gone, Gone 2, Gone 3 and Gone 4. I’ve already posted images of Sally, so here are the Gone images…





… all these images were created in the relatively tiny world Seri and I have created on the gallery roof. We are very pleased with it/them (:



Seri now has the exact same iMac as I do. She is helping me by editing my SL posts for this blog…helper… she works hard, juggling curating the gallery and acting as my SL post editor, and finds it a bit much, at times…helper2… sometimes too much…helper3

… (:



On Dark Water


Break Time


Seri has been killing time in SaNaRae Heaven Ocean (:

Placebo Gallery: A History (my longest, ever, post)

Seraphim and I created Placebo Gallery just over 5 years ago. We sold the tiny plot we had, up in the hills of Sentry, and bought a tiny plot in Jormundgandr, right beside the Circuit La Corse. When we first bought our land in Sentry, Jormundgandr was built out with shopping malls, and often crowded. A year later, in 2011, everyone had fled, and the whole place was, literally, empty, abandoned, it was apocalyptic. We grabbed the opportunity to snap up our little spot. The first version of the gallery eventually, after tweaking, looked like this:theolddays… that’s Seri out front. She was a lot more Goth, back then… a lot more:gothbabygirl… here she’s in front of a photo I took of her and entered in an SL auto-erotica competition (in 2010, I think)… we got second place!… which was really cool considering ours was the only image that wasn’t SL porn… it was way better than the winning one (boobies and stuff), but I guess the judges knew what their audience wanted… still, they showed some spine by placing us at all. Anyway, made us proud. Seri had really lovely ink, back then, but it all vanished when I gave her her new mesh body, and I’m not sure I can put it back on her.gorgeousinkarieltoothacheWhen I first started playing in SL, I spent hundreds of real dollars on textures, until I thought: come on, dude, you could do this! So I started teaching myself to make textures. Unfortunately, despite being an artist, and a reasonably proficient Photoshop user, I am useless at making textures. However, it became a matter of choice to use only my own textures on the gallery, and I’m proud to say I have not strayed from that decision, and I’m actually getting slowly better at it. The front of the gallery, here, is deliberately not blended with the rest… we only lived on the ground for a short time, in Sentry, surrounded by weirdness, so we leapt into the sky, and built an awesome sky home… part of the front of which we used for the gallery, and liked the reminder that keeping it seperate provided of our sky home. It was hard coming back to earth after living in the sky for over a year. But, we’re glad we did.stargateAbove is the front of our sky home, and below is it being used as the foundation for Placebo Gallery.gallerygateIt very quickly became less fortress-like, but still retained it’s rugged style. The gallery morphed from an apocalyptic-retro-brutalist style, to a post-modern deco one:abcdhhhhh… until around 2013, when the front looked like this, and it stayed that way till a few months ago…outsidegallery… Seri and I did, however, mess around with the sides for a while…fh… but we settled on the gorgeous, grey-blue texture, and it stayed that colour until, um, today. We changed the whole colour scheme today, inside, and out. Oh, and we made vast alterations in the last month or two, to the whole building. It looks like this, now:home… it’s so big, now, that Seri has a whole home and garden inside it:homeinhomeI have been taking pictures the whole time I’ve been in SL, that’s how I could provide this visual history of the gallery. I only recently started using the viewer camera, I used to just do screen shots, then spend hours with them in photoshop… that’s why some of the above are pretty basic. But, to me, those basic ones are the SL version of lomography! I’ll end with a picture I found, while researching for this post, of Seri when she used to wear a katana… one she could draw and fight with, though she never had to, it sure made her feel safe back in the day (:katana