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Seri’s Home



Seri’s home reflects her very eclectic tastes (:

Miss Placebo



Hi, I’m Seri



Blood-spattered Dream

Seri recently acquired this fabulous, gauzy, blood-spattered, ex-boyfriend shirt, and a blood-spattered bra to match…


… we thought it would look great in a psycho-dream kind of setting…


… with Alice Cooper’s ‘Steven‘ playing in the background, just substitute ‘Seraphim!’ for ‘Steven!’ (:

Tangental Reality


Seri found this, yesterday… we just love this stuff! This is a wordpress blogger, who blogs about Second Life, and she is advertising her blog on the side of a van in SL… that’s so damned cool! This appeals to the designer in me on so many levels. The feedback loop of virtual/cyber reality colliding with real-world interactivity/participation, here, is fabulous, and genuinely thought-provoking… not to mention excellent advertising skills, the goal of which I am only too happy to facilitate (:



Seraphim has developed a thing for hats (:

Happy Birthday Second Life!


Seraphim is very particular about what she wears, and simply does not wear clunky, stupid, free hats… until today (: She must be getting old/sentimental, because she decided she wanted to show solidarity with the current SL 14th birthday festivities, so went to the location that is giving away free crap (believe me, it is, as free stuff always is, mostly crap), and saw this ghastly (though, somehow, cute… I think it’s the butterfly) hat, and ‘bought’ it…


… she then went to some of the shopping events, looking and feeling both stupid and happy at the same time…


… later she hung another acquisition in the gallery, one the artist gave her for free, which is always lovely…


… and also placed this gorgeous, derelict fireplace, which she bought at the above-mentioned birthday shopping event (: