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More Works

naSeraphim continues her tireless accumulation of great SL artwork…na2… she has recently acquired several new works for her collection at Placebo Gallery…na3… she adores her collection (:


rtfThe revamp of the roof of Placebo Gallery has turned into a major project, and a very rewarding one, at that… we’ll call it Roofland, from now on…rtf2a… the latest acquisition for Roofland, is this awesome Mustang… Seri hopes to get it going, one day soon…rtf3… in the meantime, it’s a stunning photographic prop, as is the whole build…rtf4rtf5rtf6… Seri and I are loving Roofland (:

Gunslinger Stare

gssSo… this guy came into the gallery today. He was drunk, loud, and abusive…gss2… his manner was boorish and threatening…gss3… he was yelling about the 5 litres of moonshine on his back, and how he consumed it each day. He was big, ugly, and smelly…gss4

… Seri has 18 years karate training under her (black) belt. She is, pretty much, fearless. She is, also, though normally sweet and gentle, not a lady… she told him to ‘fuck off’… he looked into those liquid black eyes, and left.

On the Roof

otr1So, Seri was on the roof of Placebo Gallery, talking to this guy about the dangerous asshole who is now running the most powerful country in the world… unfortunately for the guy talking to Seri, it’s the country he lives in… and I was trying to get some photo’s, when Seri and I realised that the roof of the gallery was 100% un-photogenic… so we did this to it…otr2… we already had the grass in our inventory, and we’d recently seen the gorgeous old homestead at the store of someone who makes such cool things, so we went back and bought it…otr3… and I whipped up the texture for the dirt, which I’m really pleased with, and presto!, the roof is now stunningly photogenic!


Flying Dream


Gallery Gal’s

Seri recently gave Emanuelle Courtoise a short, introductory tour of Placebo Gallery…galgalsgalgals2a … they spent a big chunk of that time lounging on Seri’s bear-skin rug.

Sweet Ride

Seri just bought herself an extremely sweet ride…sweetride… as she is not a ‘girly’ girl, so her ride is not a ‘girly’ ride. I’m not sure what cc-rating this bike is actually meant to be, but I’d say around 800cc. I love it’s old-school lines, it’s perfect for a no-nonsense adventurer like Seraphim. At L$4000, it wasn’t cheap, but it’s a beautifully crafted piece of SL art, and well worth the price. There is actually someone selling bikes on Marketplace for L$29000 (that’s NZ$156)… and they don’t even have an in-world store where you can view them; this seems pretty outrageous to me, but, hey, if they’re actually selling them, though how much better than Seri’s L$4000 bike they could be, I have my doubts, then; good luck to them.