illustration is art


Thorn; Alternative Version


Just playing around with these pseudo-glyphic letter forms I like so much at the moment (: In case any one wondered, the black thorns sticking out of Thorn’s armour are her spine.




Here is my newest, lethal, exotic sweety… meet Thorn (:

Thorn is the daughter of a 13th century (think I decided on that… mid Dark Ages), pious nun who was tricked by an upper-echelon demon into thinking she was giving her virginity to the son of her god, then brutally raped. She lost her sanity, and baby Thorn accidentally tore her to pieces as she was born. Even as she died, the mother forgave her daughter, somehow understanding that Thorn had not meant to kill her. Baby Thorn read this forgiveness in her dieing mothers mind. The purity of this forgiveness and love blasted any demon thought patterns from the infant Thorns mind, making her the first demon/human hybrid with a purely human mind… but all the powers of an upper-echelon demons daughter; those powers are both considerable and formidable (yay!). Thorns only mission in life is to kill demons, and to find her father and kill him. The reason Thorn’s horns are red-rimmed is that her human nature is constantly attempting to reject them, but her demon physicality is far too strong… which is a good thing, otherwise she’d be boring, and not immortal, super fast/strong, all that, but, unlike Creatuie and Ally, Thorn also has magical/supernatural powers (double yay!).

Any one who knows the universe I have created starring Creaturina and Alice, will realise Thorn fits perfectly into it. I cannot wait to engineer their meeting! There will not be enough bad guys for the girls to slay!