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Physical Painting Update 2


Maria progresses (:

Loving working with physical paint/brushes/canvas again, after a four year break. Strangely, it feels like I’ve not even been away… everyone I have ever talked to about the fact I do digital painting (everyone who has never done it) thinks that digital painting in Photoshop is some kind of trick/gimmick, where the software does everything for you, these are the same people who think Photoshop ‘magically’ does everything it does; they do not understand that painting in Photoshop is almost exactly like doing physical painting, especially when you use a Wacom and stylus, as I do. You still have to physically, by the use of your stylus on the tablet, blend the paint, even if it is digital paint, the reason Photoshop is so damned expensive is because it is amazing! Your hand gets tired, just like doing a real painting, only it’s more your arm that gets tired doing physical painting. Anyway, I think thats why I am not the least bit rusty, now. The only rusty aspect was my forgetting to clean my gear after my first few sessions… you don’t have to clean a stylus!

Both these photos are crap, but, you get the picture (:

Every Last One of Them WIP

So… I’m over trying to paint a portrait of something I passionately loath; it was an interesting exercise, but I doubt I will finish the creep, even though it’s almost done… I simply cannot make myself put that amount of work into something I find abhorrent. So… I’ve started painting a gorgeous creature I adore! Yes, how unusual, eh!?… not.

If you know my work, you know I adore kick-ass females… I have very little interest in kick-ass males, and none in painting them, it’s the killer babes I love, and really love illustrating. I’ve always wanted to do a painting of Ellie from ‘The Last of Us‘, and a scene from the stunning trailer for ‘The Last of Us Part II’ has been in the back of my mind since I first saw it, last year.

The Last of Us is one of my all-time favourite games… the graphics are gorgeous, the game-play is awesome, it has some genuinely scary moments, even for one as jaded as myself… but what makes this game so amazing (and one of the most awarded games of all time) is the character development of Ellie and Joel, the two main characters. Joel is a super-hard, 50-something survivor, tasked (reluctantly) with guiding/protecting Allie across an apocalyptic, horror-infested American landscape… Allie is a young (about 13-14) girl… she turns out to be every bit as hard as Joel… every bit, she is the cutest, most loveable, stone killer since HitGirl! Both Joel and Ellie have suffered horrendous loss in their lives… I dare any person, with the slightest degree of compassion, to play the first 15 minutes of ‘The Last of Us’, and not be reduced to tears.

From the trailer for the second instalment, it looks like Allie is now 16-17. The trailer is a stunner, please look at it (if you don’t have a problem with graphically depicted scenes of post-violence), it will explain why I have called this painting ‘Every Last One of Them’… the guy in the trailer is, of course, Joel; he went from wanting nothing to do with Allie at the start of ‘The Last of Us’, to loving her like she was his own, lost, daughter, and sacrificing a lot for her. She is, of course, totally worth the sacrifice (:


Creaturina’s Girl WIP 4


My latest Alice continues to look awesome (:

New Stuff


Seri and I went to the beautiful, atmospheric Lake StJohn area to check if one of Yelly Donut’s many, fabulous Noctis stores still existed. It did! We love Yelly Donuts stuff.


We bought these awesome, potted arum lilies, this couch and chair, and a small table and exquisite tea set, and put them in the gallery, where Seri tried them out…


… and decided she liked them. Bianca Linden finally sorted our land acquisition, so now the gallery fronts right onto the Circuit La Corse, not a couple of meters from it, across a tiny strip of empty, abandoned land.


Once upon a Time…


Once upon a time, there were two beautiful girls, Creaturina and Alice. These girls were born thousands of years apart. Not only were they born at opposite ends of the universe, they weren’t even born in the same universes. One was the daughter of the only sentient, though insane, planet ever to occur, in any universe, and the other was the daughter of incestuous British aristocracy, and, as a result of her genetic heritage, a cold, murderous psychopath. That these two, amazing creatures would meet, is one of the many astonishing truths of reality, that they would instantly love each other, and that their love would change the reality of the universe for ever, is now history. You just don’t know it yet.


Angry Kara Zor-El


Rarrrrr! Beast in the beauty… don’t piss Kara off! (:


Angry Kara WIP


I am enjoying Supergirl. The instant I saw this scene, I had to paint it! This is a very angry Kara Zor-El, in an episode that deals with, among other things, the recently outed Supergirl’s anger issues. She is in the process of blowing a very bad robot to atoms… she channels all the pent-up rage she’s been holding back about the loss of her family/planet, to defeat a particularly tough opponent. And, in fact, tries so hard she accidentally drains her own powers for a few days, so she gets, in the next episode, to cut her finger, catch a cold, and break her arm. Love it! And, of course, she’s just so damned cute!

To get the awesome texture on her top, I photographed the top of a 3V Lithium Cell battery, which had the exact pattern I needed, then took it into glorious Photoshop CS5, and made it into a tiled texture, which i then desaturated, then placed over her top, and set to ‘multiply’ Really pleased with it (: