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Dark Forest Sprite

Trickster Sprite

I have my own take on Sprites. My Sprites are the scariest of the Fae, whilst they can love, they are more often malevolent and vindictive, and, whilst bound by obscure rules of honour and accountability, are usually entirely unfathomable, and totally unpredictable. If they decide they like you, either instantly, or because you do something they respect, they will love and protect you as long as you (not they, they live for ever) live. If they take a dislike to you, you are, basically, screwed. Sprites are vastly stronger than humans and all other Fae, and they are virtually un-killable. They also access the deepest, strongest, darkest Fae magic… in fact, Sprite magic is a thing above Fae magic, a thing all other Fae have absolute respect for. If you meet one in a forest, you must turn and walk away, do not listen to any promise they make, do not look back… if you are lucky, they will respect your obvious appreciation of your worthlessness, and not decide to play with you. You would not survive their playing.



Sweet Cylon


Poor, gorgeous/confused/conflicted number eight.

My Best SG Portrait


I think this is the best Suicide Girl portrait I did… this is Schuld, and, need I say, she’s drop-dead gorgeous (: I was really pleased with this painting and, in fact, never painted another SG after this.


LadyKillerLady Killer

I did these last year;¬†Sharon Stone as the fabulous ‘Lady’ in the 1995 film The Quick and the Dead. The bottom one is the loosest painting I’ve ever done, I was deliberately trying for a looser style. I really liked/like it. The next one (the top one), though still loose by my standards, was more like my usual detail-rich style (:

Something beautiful 14

I absolutely adore (adore, adore) Girl in a Coma! I’ve done paintings of them;

and, on Instagram, received ‘likes’ and comments from two of the band members…

My Son’s Eye


… this is a photo I took of one of my son’s eye (as in, one of my sons)… eyes are fabulous things (: