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Something Beautiful 34

I have loved Al Stewart for almost 40 years… in all that time, the appeal of his gorgeous, intelligent music, has never diminished…


Something Beautiful 33

The lead singer for Camera Obscura’s accent turns my heart to mush (:

… love Husky Rescue!… The title on the YouTube video says ‘Sweet Like Kitten’… it’s actually ‘Sweet Little Kitten’… their lead singer has a pretty cute accent, too (:

Unsettling Skies


This is the background I made for ‘Girl From Another Planet‘… I made it with five seperate sky photos, all pretty spectacular in their own right (all mine, of course), but, combined, and with a bit of brush-work, they are in a whole new realm of spectacular! I’ve done a bit more work to it since using it behind my interplanetary girl (:


Pink Bow


The Wonderer in Time


Something Beautiful 32