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New Works at Placebo Gallery

Seraphim has hung more new acquisitions in the gallery…NewArt

NewArt2… the gallery has had slightly more attention than usual (usually it is none), even getting what Seri and I consider a good report here  Many thanks to Pearl for drawing my attention to this post, as the rather odd people who posted it did not tell me they had… one of them did ask permission, but in a strange, seemingly unhinged IM, which I had actually dismissed as the mutterings of someone not quite, well, balanced (even allowing for the obvious language barrier)… sorry, Ush  (:

Another Day in Paradise


I don’t do ‘snapshots’ as a rule… having been fairly seriously into photography all my adult life, since way back in the analog days, I find the ‘snapshot’, well, embarrassing, to say the least. I also don’t take pictures with my phone, as I’m used to the control of a decent SLR. However… I start work at dawn, and, as the sun comes up, am usually head-down in some involved bit of physical toil… the other day, I glanced up, and saw this; and I just had to whip out my phone and take a ‘snapshot’. I’m glad I did, as it was/is gorgeous (:

Aloy WIP 1


As promised, I have commenced a painting of Aloy, the awesome, red-headed protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn (: HZD is a gorgeous game, the scenery is constantly, breathtakingly beautiful, and the costumes are magnificent! And they are just backdrops to the excellent gameplay and character development. I love this game to bits!

Every Last One of Them


Here is battle-hardened, indomitable Ellie (:

Every Last One of Them WIP 4


On the home straight with Ellie, now (: The girl looks a bit the worse for wear, but if you followed the link to the trailer in the first WIP, you will see what she did to at least three of the people who did this to her, and you will know that Ellie came off a hell of a lot better than them… pretty much 100% better than them, considering she killed them all.

Every Last One of Them WIP 3


This is where I’m at with Ellie today (: As you can see, the girl has been smashed around… but don’t worry, she will have made sure her attackers never hurt anyone, ever, again.

Every Last One of Them WIP 2


Clever, intense, driven, lethal Ellie is gorgeously taking shape beneath my Wacom stylus (: It’s so nice to be working on something beautiful again! I am giving Ellie slightly less attention than I would like, however, as I have a new digital babe crush… Aloy, the main character in Horizon Zero Dawn, which I began playing the day it came out, 3 days ago. I love open-world games, much, much more than limited, linear games, and HZD is about as open as they come. Another game with beautiful character development… you are introduced to tough little Aloy, when she is only six, and I dare anyone not to fall instantly in love with her! The game is gorgeous, mind-blowingly so! And the game-play is fabulous. Teenaged Aloy is gorgeous, too, right down to her dry, cynical sense of humour. I can totally see an Aloy painting after the Ellie one (: