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A Real Boy, Now…


Finished (:

Here is poor, doomed Joi, telling poor, doomed ‘K’, that he is a ‘…real boy, now’. Later in the film, when ‘K’ has to go on the run from the baddies, Joi insists on coming with him… this means loading her programme onto a single device, and wiping her from the mainframe… ‘K’ points out that there will now be only one copy of her, if that gets destroyed, she’s gone forever… Joi says ‘just like a real girl’.


A Real Boy, Now… WIP’s 3 & 2


On the home straight with sweet, innocent, loving Joi…


… not only is this film a stunning sequel, the soundtrack is every bit as good as the original film’s one, which was by Vangelis… this one is by Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch, and has way more industrial crunch… I’ve been thrashing it whilst painting beautiful Joi. The track below is my favourite… fittingly, it’s from the scene where ‘K’ kills the psychopathic bitch who killed Joi… unfortunately, the bitch manages to mortally wound ‘K’ who, as sadly as when Joi did, eventually dies. Very sad movie… there aren’t many survivors ):

Framed 2


Just put the finishing touches to my 3rd and 4th, home-made picture frames. I framed one of my more recent, landscape works, and an older, portrait… exquisite Flowerbomb. As I said here ,I previously made my first two ever frames, giving one to a friend (with one of my works in it) and putting adorable Tanyabat in the other, the first one I made for myself… I had a third SuicideGirl portrait printed when I had Flower and Tanya printed, and will frame that next.

I’m loving this new hobby/skill, and all the new stuff I need to know to do it, like I already know to ask for 2mm, Matobel glass, instead of asking for ‘non-reflective’ glass. I now know where to get the glass, and where to get the best backing material. It’s all great fun. I need to learn how to photograph them better, though… they are extremely hard to photograph, due to light reflection, and parallax error. Still, all jolly rewarding and fun (:


A Real Boy, Now… WIP2


A Real Boy, Now… WIP


When I was 23, 35 years ago, I went to see one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, I’d waited years for it to come out, having read about it’s making, and seen lots of mouth-watering development sketches in Heavy Metal… that film was Blade Runner. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen it since. Two nights ago, I finally got my pre-ordered copy, from iTunes, of Blade Runner 2049, the fabulous, undreamed-of sequel. I have watched it twice, since then. It is probably the best sequel I’ve ever seen, considering the 35 year gap… it’s gorgeous. But I found it very, very sad… almost too sad. The saddest part, for me, was the demise of sweet, innocent Joi, the holographic AI girlfriend of ‘K’, the replicant blade runner… I was gutted by her total and irrevocable death at the hands of the psychopathic replicant Luv. I was moved to do a portrait of her (Ana de Armas). This is the scene where ‘K’ has become convinced he is the first replicant to be born from a replicant mother, and Joi is telling him he is a ‘real boy, now…’


Butterfly Caught in a Time Storm



The Shore Watchers