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The Lizard King WIP3


Almost got the eye-pouches looking repulsive enough… seriously, has America ever had a less attractive gang holding it by the throat?….


… the two creatures above look like vampires who can move in the daylight, beside themselves with delight at the feast that is laid before them…


The Lizard King WIP2


Lots more work to be done on the turkey wattles, slimy sneer, bulbous, pock-marked nose and porcine, slit-eyes, but I feel I’m capturing the creature, and it’s primordial, lizard intellect, fairly accurately (:

*edit* … I forgot: thick, rubbery ear/s and beefy, flaccid jowls (:

The Lizard King WIP

Those of you familiar with my painting will know I paint portraits of babes… gorgeous, female people… that’s just what I like painting, beautiful creatures, whom I love looking at while the paintings take shape. For the first time, I am going to paint a truely ugly human being, a creature who is as ugly inside, as he is outside. I am doing this because I feel compelled to do so, to create an image that portrays the slimy creature as he truely is, in all his loathsome glory… the Lizard King, ready to swallow the world with one flick of his forked tongue. I need to exorcise my loathing of this repulsive monster, get it down on canvas. I will not enjoy looking at the beast as I work, but will greatly enjoy portraying it in all it’s ugliness. Here is my process, so far…



Seri and the Glitch


Hey, Pearl, Seri visited your show. She was disappointed not to be able to buy one of your works. She said something to me about ‘windows into the collision between the fractal and digital realities we all inhabit’… geez, that girl’s so damned smart, most of what she says goes, like, straight over my head… whoosh! Guess that’s why I love her so much (:

You MUST click this image, otherwise you are not seeing it in the clarity that I created it!


Lithe Killer

Lithe Killer




One of New Zealand’s cuter critters. I had, for obvious reasons, to take this one handed with my left hand, whilst constantly turning my right backwards and forwards to keep her in one place… they can move quite fast when they want to (:


Cautionary Tales