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Aloy WIP 2


There’s a stage I get to, doing a painting, when all the rough suggestion becomes visible coolness… I love that stage, the work goes from hopeful slog, to ‘phew, I’m doing this!’… Aloy is just at that stage! From now on, it’s all awesome… I’m creating something beautiful that I love, and it makes me feel so good. I got to the stage, a few years ago, where I knew this stage would always arrive, it was so good, all those years of trying had payed off… there was a time, most of my life, actually, where I’d start paintings (back then, they were always physical paintings) and I’d never get to the sweet stage, I’d just give up, because I couldn’t do what I wanted to. It wasn’t till I started my degree, and had to produce paintings to a deadline, and could spend every waking hour working on them, that I learned to work through my crippling self-doubt, and began realising my life-time aspiration to be an artist. So, yay for me (:

I now have the time to work on this painting, having completed the main story in the game (which was joyfully sucking up all my spare time), and most of the side quests (I always do as many side quests as I can, so my character will be as kick-ass as possible for the main, huge battle you know is always gunna happen)… the game stats say I’m 75% through the game, they don’t give hours played, but I’d say it was in excess of 40. I hate finishing the main quest in such a great game… you can still dick around doing side stuff, but it’s not the same, you can no longer level up and, if you are like me, by the time you complete the main quest, your character is as powerful as they possibly can be. My Aloy is now practically indestructible… she can take out dozens of bad machines, any single one of which would have been really, really hard, literally with her bare hands (her spear), so it kind of detracts from the challenge. Anyway, really loved the game… I seldom replay such games, as you go from indestructible to pathetically weak if you restart, and pathetically weak sucks once you’ve known real strength/power.

Sam, Trish & Frazey; revisited

SamTrishFrazeyI first posted this, when I finished it, four years ago. I was just looking through my many folders on my original, wonderful Mac, and ‘refound’ it. This was the year I began teaching myself to paint digitally. Paintings took me as long as 30-40 hours of work! My absolute favourite bit in this one is that floral-print dress! No recollection of how long it took, but it still blows me away… both the print and the fabric folds… I think I really nailed that dress! These woman are, of course, the fabulous Be Good Tanyas (:

Aloy WIP 1


As promised, I have commenced a painting of Aloy, the awesome, red-headed protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn (: HZD is a gorgeous game, the scenery is constantly, breathtakingly beautiful, and the costumes are magnificent! And they are just backdrops to the excellent gameplay and character development. I love this game to bits!

Every Last One of Them WIP 4


On the home straight with Ellie, now (: The girl looks a bit the worse for wear, but if you followed the link to the trailer in the first WIP, you will see what she did to at least three of the people who did this to her, and you will know that Ellie came off a hell of a lot better than them… pretty much 100% better than them, considering she killed them all.

The Lizard King WIP3


Almost got the eye-pouches looking repulsive enough… seriously, has America ever had a less attractive gang holding it by the throat?….


… the two creatures above look like vampires who can move in the daylight, beside themselves with delight at the feast that is laid before them…

The Lizard King WIP2


Lots more work to be done on the turkey wattles, slimy sneer, bulbous, pock-marked nose and porcine, slit-eyes, but I feel I’m capturing the creature, and it’s primordial, lizard intellect, fairly accurately (:

*edit* … I forgot: thick, rubbery ear/s and beefy, flaccid jowls (:

The Lizard King WIP

Those of you familiar with my painting will know I paint portraits of babes… gorgeous, female people… that’s just what I like painting, beautiful creatures, whom I love looking at while the paintings take shape. For the first time, I am going to paint a truely ugly human being, a creature who is as ugly inside, as he is outside. I am doing this because I feel compelled to do so, to create an image that portrays the slimy creature as he truely is, in all his loathsome glory… the Lizard King, ready to swallow the world with one flick of his forked tongue. I need to exorcise my loathing of this repulsive monster, get it down on canvas. I will not enjoy looking at the beast as I work, but will greatly enjoy portraying it in all it’s ugliness. Here is my process, so far…