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Aloy WIP 1


As promised, I have commenced a painting of Aloy, the awesome, red-headed protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn (: HZD is a gorgeous game, the scenery is constantly, breathtakingly beautiful, and the costumes are magnificent! And they are just backdrops to the excellent gameplay and character development. I love this game to bits!


The Tide of Memory


Above the Storm


Got sick of creating something repulsive, needed to create something beautiful, to clean my minds-eye, as it were; something that didn’t make me shudder. So, here we are, then… (:


Flying Dream



She was born in a village in the shadow of the ruins of an enormous, ancient, mental asylum. Some catastrophic horror had befallen the asylum a hundred years ago, the patients had all escaped, taking the materials to build her village from the ruins of the stricken edifice. She is the product of a long line of feral lunatics. The very air in the village seems to pulse with madness. She is determined not to succumb…a… sometimes, when the madness becomes almost tangible, and she can feel it stroking her hair, she sings the magic songs the pixies taught her, when she was a baby, and they used to climb into her room at night; the power of the songs is strong, and it pushes the madness back, for a while…bunfortunately, lately, in the quite times, her left hand has begun sending her secret finger signals… this is not a good sign…cfortunately, when she goes down by the derailed train, and the metallic bulk of it’s gutted freight cars amplifies her signal, she can still clearly communicate with the aliens, who still tell her they will be here, soon, and everything will be fined

Model: Emanuelle Courtois                                                                                                       Location: Junk. Mainstore, Junk

Break Time


Seri has been killing time in SaNaRae Heaven Ocean (:

Out of Darkness

Seri’s wanderings are leading her to far less dark places, which is a good sign.outofdarknessThis is outside some random roadside property she liked the look of, one of the hundreds of wanna-be rental realestate ventures we see all over the mostly, otherwise, abandoned spaces throughout SL. To be precise, I mean throughout the SL Seri and I see, we don’t hang out on private estates, so we can’t speak for the situation there. Anyway, we liked the look of this place, but forgot to record where it is.outofdarkness2This is the extremely restful Plain of Jars. Nothing dark here, at all.outofdarkness3And this is the 50’s themed destination in the Time Portal. Wandering through time, in the snow, at night, is slightly dark, but she wound up buying some purple, retro furniture for the gallery, so that’s all good (: