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No… but it’s what I came here to do… WIP2

Fabulous Diana of Themyscira choosing protecting the little people…



Little Diana of Themyscira


Finished! Here is little Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman), on a horse with her mum, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (:

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 4 & 5

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 5_small

Almost done! As you can see, I did some more work on mum’s hair, and have done most of the job of finishing little-miss-adorable (: Still a few hours to go on her, and there’s still a bit to fix on mum, too, but we’re almost there. I’m very pleased with this, I don’t often do double portraits (:

Just Because…

Here are some photos of my Seraphim being herself… just because (:



Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 3 & 4

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 4smallerMost of the work on her mum and the out-of-focus horse’s head is done… now to refine gorgeous little Diana (:

Padme at Bench Art Park


Seraphim was recently invited to place some more of my art at Bench Art Park. The curator, there, Pearl Grey, liked the 3 works of mine that Seri had placed last time, so much, she has left them up. Seri and I chose my portrait of fabulous Natalie Portman as ‘Padme’, and Seri placed it above my 3 works she’d previously had hung there. It looks great, there, though this photo doesn’t do it justice, so, here it is as I posted it, here, 18 months ago…


… she’s one of my favourite portrait paintings (:

Little Diana of Themyscira WIP 3


Little Diana and her fabulous mum, Hippolyta, are coming along nicely. I really love this scene… Hippolyta (who loves her little Diana to bits, as do all the Amazons) is confidently explaining to Diana why she doesn’t need to fear anything, and doesn’t need to learn to fight… Diana is looking knowingly at her aunt, Antiope, who is Hippolyta’s sister (as are all the Amazons), and her General, because she knows Antiope wants to start training her, which, of course, she does, secretly, for several years before Hippolyta finds out.