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Demon Dog Slayer



So… my last post of sweet-pink Seri, gave me cause to contemplate how much my girl has changed over the years, hence this 2012 re-post… Seri was/is a killer, she used to wear a katana, the use of which she was fully conversant, and she used to kill things… usually by cutting them in half! Now, she’s wearing pink angora sweaters, growing vegetables and collecting wine (:

Girly Girl

Seraphim has been getting in touch with her inner girl (: If you know Seri, you know she seldom wears a skirt, and never without leggings. She is going through some kind of sweet-pink-soft-sweety phase… which I find farking adorable, especially since she is still wearing her DeathRocker choker, and her Combat Queen boots (:


Poses & Photo’s

Well… I’ve not been working on Aloy, because I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with Seraphim in SL… not that that is a bad thing (: We recently spent an insane amount of money (bad thing) at the Pose Fair… Seri now has a cool, gothic, out-door bath area attached to her house, which we acquired at the fair, the bath coming with great poses…


… speaking of which, we now have truck-loads of awesome poses…


… which, added to our recent discovery (we were aware of it, but had never played with it) of the ability to make the SL camera more like a real camera, we have been having a hell of a lot of fun…



best5 copy

… while I was composing this post, I was listening to James Newton Howard’s gorgeous soundtrack to Maleficent, and it was a fabulously perfect accompaniment to Seri and I’s photographic/pose adventures in SL (:

On The Roof




Just changed the settings on my SL camera to ones that resemble real camera dynamics/real physics… got Seri to stand still for some practise shots up on the roof of the gallery (:

Good Morning Autumn


Another snapshot! My standards are dropping!… actually, I quite like the lomographic feel of this. Beautiful autumn morning out my window, yesterday… autumn is my favourite season (:

New Stuff at the Gallery

Seri and I love no shopping better, than when we buy new works for the gallery. Of course, Seri is the ‘boots on the ground’ who goes to the various places in search of the kind of art we love, and who buys it, then hangs it in the gallery, I just supply the funds. Anyway, she’s found more great stuff recently…NewStuffNewStuff2… she went to the Kultivate show, hoping for awesome stuff to buy… I don’t want to offend anyone, but we were both pretty disappointed! By far the best thing we saw there, was Strawberry Singh’s gorgeous avi (:NewStuff3

ReadMeri Exhibition at Placebo Gallery

RMESeri and I are extremely proud to announce an exhibition of photography, at the gallery, by the fabulously talented SL photographer/fashion blogger ReadMeri (: We adore her work, and, after a bit of badgering, managed to get her to agree to us showing some of it…RME2RME3… we consider Meri’s art to be, not only exquisite photography, but also contemporary pop art, in that it is a living description of SL life and style, and is also humorous, whimsical, sharp, and, sometimes, just damned cute/adorable!…RME4RME5… these works are gorgeous on Meri’s blog, but they are super-gorgeous when you can stand in front of them, and they are three times your height…RME6RME7… please come and see them, you won’t be disappointed (: