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Butterfly Caught in a Time Storm




The Shore Watchers


Baby C


This morning, around 6:30am, I noticed how nice the light falling on my beautiful baby Creaturina looked, and took several photo’s… this is the best one. I did this in 2012, it’s acrylic on canvas. It is my beloved Creaturina as a baby, still being nurtured by her mother, the insane planet Nightmare. She looks so peaceful, dreaming her sweet little, embryonic Creaturina dreams (:

Through the Looking Glass

In her recent travels, Seraphim discovered a gorgeous build called ‘The Looking Glass’… there she found a fabulous, derelict, partly flooded theatre…


… the architecture, lighting and textures made it feel very much like we were in a set from ‘Bioshock’, one of my all-time favourite games as far as gorgeous, rich, lovingly created sets go…


… this place even had the watery/damp ambience going, as well as the luminous fungi…


… the skill of SL builders never fails to astound me; can’t wait for virtual-presence tech that makes SL fully immersive (:

Postcard From SecondLife


There are some truly amazing places in SecondLife… I took this picture of Seraphim visiting one of them… I have done nothing to this photo, other than put my name on it (:


CyberBabes_smallThis would have to be the most gorgeous, heart-warming, amazing, and just plain fabulous image I have seen this year (:

Unsettling Skies


This is the background I made for ‘Girl From Another Planet‘… I made it with five seperate sky photos, all pretty spectacular in their own right (all mine, of course), but, combined, and with a bit of brush-work, they are in a whole new realm of spectacular! I’ve done a bit more work to it since using it behind my interplanetary girl (: