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A Real Boy, Now…


Finished (:

Here is poor, doomed Joi, telling poor, doomed ‘K’, that he is a ‘…real boy, now’. Later in the film, when ‘K’ has to go on the run from the baddies, Joi insists on coming with him… this means loading her programme onto a single device, and wiping her from the mainframe… ‘K’ points out that there will now be only one copy of her, if that gets destroyed, she’s gone forever… Joi says ‘just like a real girl’.


A Real Boy, Now… WIP’s 3 & 2


On the home straight with sweet, innocent, loving Joi…


… not only is this film a stunning sequel, the soundtrack is every bit as good as the original film’s one, which was by Vangelis… this one is by Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch, and has way more industrial crunch… I’ve been thrashing it whilst painting beautiful Joi. The track below is my favourite… fittingly, it’s from the scene where ‘K’ kills the psychopathic bitch who killed Joi… unfortunately, the bitch manages to mortally wound ‘K’ who, as sadly as when Joi did, eventually dies. Very sad movie… there aren’t many survivors ):


A Real Boy, Now… WIP2


A Real Boy, Now… WIP


When I was 23, 35 years ago, I went to see one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, I’d waited years for it to come out, having read about it’s making, and seen lots of mouth-watering development sketches in Heavy Metal… that film was Blade Runner. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen it since. Two nights ago, I finally got my pre-ordered copy, from iTunes, of Blade Runner 2049, the fabulous, undreamed-of sequel. I have watched it twice, since then. It is probably the best sequel I’ve ever seen, considering the 35 year gap… it’s gorgeous. But I found it very, very sad… almost too sad. The saddest part, for me, was the demise of sweet, innocent Joi, the holographic AI girlfriend of ‘K’, the replicant blade runner… I was gutted by her total and irrevocable death at the hands of the psychopathic replicant Luv. I was moved to do a portrait of her (Ana de Armas). This is the scene where ‘K’ has become convinced he is the first replicant to be born from a replicant mother, and Joi is telling him he is a ‘real boy, now…’


For a while, now, I’ve intended to teach myself how to frame my art. I finally started doing just that, a week ago, week 1 of my 3 weeks of glorious leave from my horrendous, soul-destroying, 100% non-creative (as in, not a job for a sensitive, artistic creative), appallingly physical job (I’m 58 years old, this job physically ruins 30-year-olds) as a general hand at a pre-cast concrete plant.

As a test, I made an A4 sized frame for a print of one of my recent images a friend liked, and gave it to her for xmas, she’s going away, so I gave it to her today… she totally loved it… it came out really well, so I used everything I learned from that to create some A3 sized frames for some more of my work I had printed.

Below is super-cute Tanyabat, a Suicide Girl I did a painting of back in 2015 (…


… the frame is made from recycled rimu (a gorgeous New Zealand native hardwood ( flooring… I love the nail holes. Making the frames involved ripping the flooring in half (on the bench saw at work), using my gorgeous Bosch router to put a slot in the back to take the picture, my gorgeous Makita planer to de-arris the outside front edges, and my gorgeous Bosch, multiple-compound saw to cut the angles. There was then much sanding, then varnishing. I used non-reflective glass.

I’m super-pleased with the result, and already have enough pieces prepared to frame two more of my works (:



Lykke Li (:

New Lykke Painting

After my last post, I decided I very much needed to do another painting of Lykke Li… there can never be enough paintings of Lykke Li. If you’ve not seen my previous paintings of her, they are here…

… the last one was three years ago, I am pleased to say my skill level is much higher, now, and the latest painting is the best of the three; it’s almost done, stay tuned (: