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Del Sys


I am always finding folders of stuff I did years ago, and going ‘wow, I really like that!’… this is something I did 6 years ago, and called ‘Delivery System‘… I just re-discovered it this morning. The face is acrylic paint on indian ink splatter/blob/stain on cartridge paper. The shapes are indian ink splatters scanned, then taken into glorious Photoshop CS5 and played with for hours. Love the result (:

Sweet Cylon


Poor, gorgeous/confused/conflicted number eight.


Space Music



The Time-watcher’s Keep



I went through a ‘lomography’ phase a few years back… these are real polaroids (:

Virtual Worlds

Below is a short research paper I wrote on ‘Virtual Worlds‘, as part of a New Media research assignment, back in 2010. It is two jpg’s I made from the original PDF, so the links aren’t live, and there’s a big gap half way down, but it is, still, a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the subject…

virtual worldsvirtual worlds




The Lizard King WIP3


Almost got the eye-pouches looking repulsive enough… seriously, has America ever had a less attractive gang holding it by the throat?….


… the two creatures above look like vampires who can move in the daylight, beside themselves with delight at the feast that is laid before them…